12 First-World Transport Problems

By RoadTrip Radar, 2015-04-21 13:00:00

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12 First-World Transport Problems

We all know what it's like when life seems hard, when the road ahead seems full of red-lights, when the world seems to conspire against you.

Our affluent lifestyle here in the first-world seems seldom to protect us from the, frankly, unfair and faintly prejudicial adversity from which we should expect immunity, given our prosperity.

How much more difficult it is when your bad luck is aired for the world to see.

Let's take a moment to mourn for these tortured souls.

If you laugh, you're a bad person.

1. I guess the pony that she wanted didn't come with air-conditioning, either...

Spoiled child

2. Aw, a supercar driver with a social conscience! Oh, wait...

parking a Lamborghini

3. Are you serious?! You're fired...

Mercedes car wash

4. Jean-Paul Satre said "hell is other people". He'd obviously never been in this poor predicament:

BMW or Audi

5. Until all passengers on planes are issued with remote control for their TVs, the biggest problem we all face is too much leg room...

too much leg-room

6. The second greatest problem of our age: too much money...

too much money

7. They see me rolling, they hating... curbs

lowered car

8. During time travel, don't do anything to interfere with the space-time continuum... such as use your brain.

car problem with fluxcapacitor

9. Yeah, I hate it when someone buys be the wrong $100,000 car...

spoiled kid

10. Can someone help me get my over-priced impractical TV into my over-priced impractical car?

cant fit TV in my car

11. "Accio 'a reason to carry on...'"

Hermione lost her car keys

12. Dogs suffer too, you know.

dog wrong car sound

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