10 Reasons Why Living With Toddlers Is Like Living As A Student Again

By RoadTrip Radar, 2015-04-07 12:01:01

kids, toddlers, and student living

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An interesting debate arose in the office a few days ago: "Which is easier:; living with toddlers, or living with students?"

They come at completely different times in life, and our relationship with them is different - I relish the challenges of my children much more than the challenges of housemates!

For sure, they both carry the same degree of patience, along with the expected spats that you come to anticipate while sharing a domestic enclosure... and... in fact, they are pretty similar.

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1. At any time in the night, you may be woken by the sound of incoherent shouting.

2. You may also find them singing, loudly, in their room. They don't seem to be aware how annoying this is.

3. You share your bathroom constantly, and can't ever guarantee that you will be alone for the entire performance.

4. Making an entire meal from the pureed remains of other meals is not an unusual event.

5. Sharing your food... Enough said.

6. Equipment and items mysteriously break when no-one is in the room, and no-one ever seems to know how it happened.

7. "Daddy! Watch this!" is the toddler-equivalent of "Here, hold my beer" - it means something stupid is about to happen.

8. Having four passengers in the car invariably means having to stop four times during the journey, for comfort breaks, because no-one can just take the opportunity when it arises.

9. You constantly find yourself on the losing side of an argument about what music is played on car journeys.

10. Arguing with your "housemates" is like wrestling with a pig - you both get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.

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Tags: kids, toddlers, and student living

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